Since 1992, iDE has substantially increased the incomes of more than 240,000 poor rural households in Nepal, helping nearly 1.25 million people.

In Nepal, there are tremendous opportunities for poor farmers to rapidly increase their incomes through high-value commodities for domestic and international markets. Through iDE’s efforts, more than 200,000 micro irrigation systems have been purchased by smallholders in Nepal, which has helped these households to increase their annual income by more than $200. iDE has also developed rural jobs in manufacturing and retail of inputs, service provision, and agricultural processing and marketing, and has documented measurable off-farm economic benefits from farmers buying in local communities.

iDE is making strong contributions in high-value subsectors, including vegetables, coffee, tea, essential oils, non-timber forest products (NTFPs), spices/herbs, goats, and fisheries. iDE has also facilitated construction of more than 200 MUS, bringing a regular supply of piped water to more than 35,000 people, and has developed more than 150 rural collection centers in public-private partnership, linking 100,000 households to markets and income-generation opportunities. iDE is promoting increased food productivity through irrigation systems, seed multiplication, and access to improved inputs and knowledge through local service providers.

Lack of equal economic opportunity is a root cause of insecurity in rural Nepal. For more than two decades, iDE has been addressing this by:

Photos By: Bimala Rai Colavito, iDE Nepal Volunteer