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Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Micro Weather Station


A Micro-weather station is a set of weather measuring unit that can be installed at homestead or offices to measure the local weather parameters. It is also called a personal weather station. Different brands of micro-weather measurement systems are available in the market such as Accurate, Ambient weather, Davis, etc. Most of these systems include the instruments to measure temperature, rainfall, relative humidity, wind speed and direction. These measurements can be stored in personal computers for own use and also to broadcast or share data to global platforms through the internet which enables more reliable forecast of the location. Weather underground is a global platform for information sharing and forecasting based actual local data.

Uses and relevance for responding to climate change

Weather station plays an important role for various purposes such as: determining whether a particular region is ideal to grow a specific crop, safeguarding the crop against adverse environmental conditions such as hail, excess or deficient rain, help anticipate weather conditions that may aggravate plant diseases or lead to pest and insect intrusion, etc. Moreover, information obtained from weather station is also used for research activities to improve/optimize irrigation patterns, pest control models eventually improving the quality of the crop. Further, forecasting of rainfall, wind and temperature extremes helps local community for early preparation like cropping and harvesting of crops. The forecast received from weather underground of a point location valid for 4 km circumstance but multiple forecasts can generate to cover greater area. Further, integration of information dissemination mechanism with micro-weather station is crucial to maximize the benefits from the system. For instance, if MPC/CC owns the system then MPC/CC could send SMS alert in a simple word to their member farmers.