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Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Since 1992, iDE has substantially increased the incomes of more than 240,000 poor rural households in Nepal, helping nearly 1.25 million people.

Years Donor Description
Anukulan-BRACED2015-2018 DFIDHelping 500,000 poor and vulnerable people in rural Nepal build their resilience to climate change impacts like floods, landslides and drought through scale-up and integration of proven approaches.
Market Access for Smallholder Farmers (MASF)*2010-2012

DFIDReducing poverty through DFID Markets for the Poor (M4P) approach. Building the capacity of and linking 40,000 marginal smallholders to commercial opportunities in high value agriculture in 16 districts.
Initiative for Climate Change Adaptation*2012- 2017

USAIDImproving climate change planning and developing resilient income streams for 20,000 households. Developing adaptation and watershed management through joint planning of community forestry, agriculture, and government.
SanMark Project*2011- 2012


Applying the market development and human-centered design approach to develop improved latrines and water filters promoted by the private sector.
Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project*2012- 2015
EUIncreasing income, productivity, and nutrition of 20,000 households in Nepal and 40,000 households in Bangladesh. Working with international centers CIMMYT, IRRI, and WF to commercialize new technologies.
IPM IL (CRSP*)2009-2014
USAIDA global program led by Virginia Tech; developing and disseminating IPM packages for major crops, supporting the USAID Feed the Future Initative.
Horticulture CRSP*2011- 2014
USAIDCommercializing desiccant ceramic beads for seed and produce drying/storing.
Solar MUS*2012-
Renewable World
Pioneering the design and demonstration of using solar lifting for multiple use water systems designed for domestic and agricultural needs.
Education for Income Generation (EIG)
USAIDBenefiting 50,000 Midwestern youth by creating income and job opportunities in the vegetable, goat, essential oil/NTFP, and fisheries subsectors.
Food Security Initiative (FSI)

Led by Save the Children, responded to food price increases and insecurity by raising nutritious food production & sources of income for 18,000 households.
Social Safety Net Project (PRRO)*
2010- 2011
WFPImproving the food and nutrition security of the vulnerable households through food-for-work in irrigation/agricultural infrastructure.
Rural Prosperity Initiative (RPI)*
Gates Foundation
Increased incomes through developing micro irrigation technology products and supply chains across several countries.
Smallholder Irrigation Market Initiative (SIMI)

USAIDValue-chain approach to develop smallholder pockets around rural collection centers. Developed supply chains for micro-irrigation technologies. More than 70,000 households increased their agricultural incomes by over $200 .
BDS-Marketing and Production Services (BDS- MaPS)*

USAIDPioneered the commercialization of non-timber forest products, essential oils, and specialty herbs/spices for international export. Established commercial production of essential oils and increased incomes of 24,000 households.
  • (* indicates iDE is prime or Nepal program lead)
  • Major International Partners - CIMMYT, WorldFish, IRRI, Virginia Tech, UC Davis, Winrock, and Save the Children
  • Nepal Partners - SAPPROS, CEAPRED, AEC, and district based NGOs; Nepal Ministries of Agriculture and Local Development; Departments of Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock; NARC and other agencies.

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