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Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Familly in Ranagaun (Lalitpur District) using modified greenhouse for temporary shelter.

On April 25th a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. All iDE staff and partners are accounted for. iDE has been distributing urgent relief materials to communities in Lalitpur and Kavre districts in the Central region and facilitating local assessment work in Kaski in the Western region. Our priority has been and continues to be working to minimize the suffering and economic shocks in our partner communities. To date we have reached over 450 households, totaling more than 2,300 people. iDE has provided these communities with durable shelter materials and non-perishable foodstuffs.

 On May 12th, iDE began our Agriculture Rehabilitation project. We are working now to provide households in Lalitpur and Kavre with access to seeds and seedlings in order to prevent significant disruption to the current planting season. As the rainy season approaches, it is imperative that seeds be planted immediately to prevent a poor harvest, food insecurity, and potential economic catastrophe. iDE is providing material and technical assistance to farmers, enabling them to grow high-value vegetables to minimize disruption to their farms and livelihoods. We have identified smallholder farmers in affected areas with the capacity to rapidly develop vegetable nurseries. By centralizing the production of seedlings within each community, we can provide farmers with an additional several weeks of time for planting which allows them to focus on the more immediate task of securing shelter for their families without having to worry about compromising their future food or income security. iDE has been working with these communities for 20+ years, and we intend to be here long after many of the bigger relief operations have left. 

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iDE Relief Effort in Ranagaun, Lalitpur District

iDE has been working with the USAID IPM Innovations Lab in the community of Ranagaun for several years. The surrounding communities of Thapagaun and Sauribajang have also benefitted from IPM Lab interventions

 iDE Relief Effort Tanke, Kavre District. 

In Tanke, iDE partnered with Renewable World to develop a Solar Multiple Use Water System (SMUS). Renewable World has been supporting iDE's relief efforts in Tanke over the past several weeks.

Energy-Poor Nepal Looks to Solar for
Post-Quake Power

Nonprofit groups are raising money to provide emergency food aid, build latrines, and install free solar panels atop health clinics.