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Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Early Warning System


Early warning system (EWS) is implemented as a system of information communication mechanism and comprises sensors, event detection and decision subsystems. The system forecast and signal disturbances that adversely affect the stability of the physical world, providing the lead time for the response and prepare for the adversities and to minimize impacts.

Early warning system actively involves the communities at risk, facilitate public education and awareness of risk, effectively disseminate alters and warnings to ensure there is constant state of preparedness. A complete and effective early warning system supports four main functions; risk analysis, monitoring and warning, dissemination and communication and a response capability. Early warning systems (EWS) are recognized in both the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 as an important element of disaster risk reduction, and hence to the achievement of sustainable development and sustainable livelihoods.
Anukulan has been working in flood related early warning system and supported establish manual river gauze and auto telemetric 

Uses and relevance for responding climatic change  

To flow right information on right time to the downstream community so that downstream vulnerable community safe their life and assets from disaster especially flood.

Requisites and Availability

  • Decision from DDRC to support for the installation of early warning system. 
  • Communication mechanism/Channel set up to flow early warning information. 
  • Provision of river gauge reader in case of manual early warning system.
  • Linkage and coordination with hydro metrology department for automatic early warning system to upload in website.
  • Identification of downstream communities and selection of focal person to flow information on time.
  • EWS Telephone dairy developed and distributed in the all districts.