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Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

Creating Income and Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor  

ICT for Crops


Information and communications technology (ICT) is a broad term that includes any simple or sophisticated communication device or application like radio, television, cellular phones, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on used in producing distribution, processing and transforming information (Marcelle, 2000). The project mainly disseminates the weather, agriculture and market information to the farmers through SMS system.

Uses and relevance for responding to climate change 

ICT is very much useful to the farmers in responding to climate change. The forecasting system mainly weather forecasting system helps to minimize the risks of losses of crop due to climatic hazards. The uses include:

Advantages and relevance for responding to climate change include:

  • Information is the power; the information is basically into three categories; weather information, agriculture technology information and market price information. All these information are very much useful and advantage to the farmers. 
  • Through this information, farmers can manage the disease and pest and protect the crops losses due to pest.
  • Farmers also get information on vegetable market price and that helps the farmers for scheduling their sale.
  • The weather information is very much effective to the farmers for planning and caution e.g. tomorrow will be hailstorm and farmers are going to harvest the wheat crop, if there is early forecasting system and informed to all farmers, the farmers will postponed the harvesting schedule and helps from the losses and contributes to food security and climate change adaptation. 

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